Aritco is an award-winning manufacturer of platform lifts and villa lifts. We supply lifts to both the private and the public market all over the world.


DENSIQ is a leading one-stop shop supplier within sealing technologies to the Nordic process industries. This we realize through a close cooperation with our customers, experienced and highly motivated employees as well as the strongest offering on the market when it comes to maintenance, products and engineering.


LSAB is a tool supplier that offers the entire wood and metal processing industry with solutions with appurtenant grind service. Our offer to the wood industry includes everything from sawmills to interior materials like kitchen, doors, windows, furniture, stairs, floors, etc. For the metal industry we offer tools for cutting processing. We have special knowledge in all areas in order to help you find the best solution with the best turnover.

MS Group

Electronically muscles that convert energy into movement. MS Group develop, manufacture and sell electronically linear actuators and air systems through its subsidiaries Reac, AAT and Batec. Clients can be found mostly in medical rehabilitation where MS Group is a sub supplier to a number of the biggest manufactures of electrical wheelchairs.


Vega is a leading Italian designer and manufacturer of passenger interface systems and electronic systems for elevators and platform lifts. The company, founded in 2004, is headquartered in Italy with subsidiaries in USA, Brazil, Albania, and China.


Vimec has been designing and building stairlifts, chairlifts, stairclimbers and lifts for the elimination of architectural barriers since 1980, improving accessibility to private and public buildings and ensuring domestic mobility, home comfort and well-being for all those who need to get around the house effortlessly and easily. Vimec today is the Italian market leader thanks to the breadth of its product range, and has achieved a solid reputation on the international market with sales branches in Spain, France, the UK and Poland in addition to maintaining a presence in Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, Latin America and China.


Bemsiq is a group of companies providing innovative products and services for building automation, metering and energy efficiency. The portfolio consists of six wholly owned companies with ambitious growth plans in Europe and the Middle East. The companies are managed as independent entities but with collaboration regarding product development and international expansion.



LumenRadio är Latour Industries enda minoritetsinvestering.

Bolaget verkar inom radio- och signalkommunikation. Affärsidén är att underlätta kommunikation mellan trådlösa enheter i miljöer där frekvensen oftast är begränsad av ett stort antal användare.