We seek well-established industrial companies with proprietary products and growth potential.

Who we are

Latour Industries is one of seven business areas within the wholly owned industrial operation of Investment AB Latour:

  • Bemsiq
  • Caljan
  • Nord-Lock Group
  • Hultafors Group
  • Swegon
  • Innovalift
  • Latour Industries

Read more about Latour’s industrial operations here.

As a part of Latour, we are permeated by the same core values: Long-term perspective, Businessmanship, Trust & Accountability, and Development. We exchange experiences and knowledge, and together we form a strong industrial network.

Our way of working

Our way of engaging in companies is characterized by a delegated decision-making structure, where each holding has a unique corporate culture and its own strategic approach. For us, it is important to maintain an entrepreneurial spirit and local connection in the companies.

  • We invest long-term with an eternal horizon.
  • We promote local anchoring in the companies we invest in.
  • We strive for decisions to be made as close to the market and the customer as possible.

When we acquire a company, there are things we do, but also things we don't do.

What we do

  • Allow the company’s management to control the operations
  • Maintain decentralized decision-making
  • Maintain local connection and presence
  • Appoint a business-oriented board
  • Invest in R&D, sales, and marketing
  • Offer Latour’s network to share learnings and insights from other companies

What we don't do

  • Interfere in the daily operations
  • Implement strategic initiatives that do not originate from the management
  • Enforce unwanted synergies between group companies
  • Finance acquisitions through debt
  • “Dress the bride” for future divestment

The acquisition process

We recognize that each company is unique, from traditional family ownership spanning generations to more recently established companies with one or more owners. Given the uniqueness of each company, the reasons for selling can also vary significantly.

In an acquisition, we take the time to understand the company, from its past to its future prospects. We place great importance on the company's identity and unique conditions. A thorough understanding of the company, we believe, is the key to a successful deal, primarily for two reasons:

  • It helps us understand how we as investors and partners can open doors and enable future growth
  • We can tailor the acquisition process to the specific needs of the company

Our experience suggests that business owners have one thing in common when deciding to sell their company – to preserve the identity that has been built over time during the continued growth journey. This is something we place great importance in which is reflected in our values. We aim to preserve the originality and own for the long term, we KEEP.



We prioritize preserving the company's entrepreneurial spirit while enhancing it with leadership and a strong industrial network.



We possess a solid industrial experience with a history of many successful deals.



We are dedicated to promoting growth in the companies we acquire through active board engagement and business development.



We are a partner focused on mutual success and sustainable growth.

The acquisition process step by step

  • Initial contact
    The initial contact can be initiated by us, a subsidiary, you as the business owner, or an advisor. We work long-term and can maintain a dialogue for several years before a mutual desire to do business matures.
  • Introduction and evaluation
    We begin by getting to know the business and presenting how we can contribute as owners. This often includes a personal visit to the company and gathering additional information to gain a deeper understanding. If interested, we submit an indicative offer with thoughts on how we broadly perceive a deal.
  • Due diligence
    Once we have agreed on the overall terms for a potential deal, we conduct confirmatory due diligence, which usually involves a financial, legal, and commercial analysis of the company.
  • Format and structure
    After the due diligence process, we agree on a structure and format that suits both parties. The deal is formulated in a share purchase agreement, and once this is signed and the purchase price is paid, the acquisition is completed, but the company's next journey begins.
  • A part of Latour’s industrial network
    After the deal is completed, our long-term work begins as we together with the company's management and employees plan our common future. The company is welcomed into Latour's industrial network and thus gains access to solid industrial experience and commitment.

Are you considering selling your company or interested in learning more about what it is like to be part of Latour? Feel free to contact us to start a dialogue.